27th January 2017: Panel at ‘Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (Brussels).  Conversational Agents: A Threat to Privacy.  – Conversational Agents, a Threat to Privacy? (An HCI Perspective)

18th May 2016: Panel at the United Nations Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WSIE/UNCTAD) – Panel: “Does Innovation Threaten Our Existence?” – Is Machine Learning Dangerous? 

10th March 2016: Microsoft TechFest. Session; “Understanding Humans” – “Like Having a Really bad PA”: Between user expectation and experience of conversational agents

25th January 2016: Led two ‘know about’ workshops for staff at the Information Commissioner’s Office –Thinking beyond Compliance: Privacy by Design in Action with Lachlan Urquhart

9th October 2015: Presented at Oxford Internet Institute workshop on “Understanding the responsibilities of Online Service Providers in information societies” –Towards Fostering Compliance by Design; Drawing Designers into the Regulatory Frame

13-17th July 2015: Panel at British HCI; “Designing Human-Data Interactions”

31st March 2015: Designing Smart Cities Conference: Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges (University of Strathclyde) – Smart Cities, Dumb Consent